3 Ways to Increase Your Homes Value in Ottawa

3 Ways to Increase Your Homes Value in Ottawa

For the average person, owning a home is the largest investment they will make.  For that reason, it is important not only to maintain the property, but to help it increase in value.  Since popular neighborhoods and the economy are not within your control, you should look toward home improvements.

Kitchen and Bath

Speak with a realtor and you will learn that one of the ways to get the most return on your remodelling money is by tackling kitchens and baths.  Since these are the rooms that take the most traffic and highest use, they are areas that will take the most attention from potential purchasers.

Renovations don’t necessarily need to happen all at once.  Start with updating any fixtures like faucets and lighting.  Look at the vanities and countertops.  Swapping out worn tops or Formica with granite makes a huge impact as does new backsplashes.  In the bath, sleek, modern toilets make the whole room seem refreshed.


This is one time you really want to keep up with the neighbours.  It is important that the outside of your home look attractive.  This will keep up property values in the vicinity and show that you take an interest in the community.

If things seem a little shabby, a fresh coat of paint will do wonders.  If you have a larger budget, you may want to consider new windows that will not only help the outside but will improve the interior from an energy standpoint.

Landscaping is of prime importance.  A nicely manicured lawn shows up more than you realize.  If you have trees, see if they need some pruning.  They should be away from the roof or side of the house for safety sake.  If you are going to add plants, stick with native varieties.  They will thrive and take less maintenance.  If you are planting new items, be sure to allow for growth space.

More Usable Space

Converting unused attic or basement space into living quarters will surely increase the home’s value.  Sometimes just an extra, strategically placed, half bath will make a significant difference.

Have a professional look at your space and see if there are any non-load-bearing walls that can be removed to give the house better flow and feel larger than the square footage it really is.  Look out the back and see if an improved deck or patio can increase the entertainment area to include a fire pit or grilling area.

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