Ottawa Home Renovations for Bathrooms

Ottawa Home Renovations for Bathrooms

After a long workday, the bathroom can become the perfect tranquil oasis to relax and feel rejuvenated. So, if you’re considering a renovation, Ottawa Home Renovations will help meet your dream bathroom needs. Whatever the size of your bathroom, OHR can make it practical and comfortable for your family. They’ll provide a combination of natural light, design, well-placed artificial lighting, and the best fixtures and materials to last a long time.

Lavergne Renovations in Ottawa will replace your existing bathroom or make it accessible for senior citizens. Add ventilation and lighting to your basement bathrooms, powder rooms, and your custom master ensuite bathrooms too. Check the pre-existing condition due to your home’s age, inspect the walls for relocation to alter the layout, select the cabinets and finishes, and give your appliances a mechanical upgrade.

Whether you have a bathtub with a shower or a tub-to-shower conversion, OHR will give you a perfect vanity with matching cabinetry and provide storage. First, OHR will removel and dispose of your vanity cabinet, countertop, the tiles, the mirror, the sink and faucet, the taps and showers and tub, the tile flooring, the tub’s baseboard wall, the backboard and accessories  Inspect the plumbing and electrical  rough-ins. Then check the installation with new fixtures and finishes, including the plywood subfloor and ceramic tile or sheet vinyl flooring. Finish with the new wall tile, the tub’s backer board with seamless walls and the accessories. Brighten the room with new paint.

Therapy tubs and jetted showers offer luxurious comfort while promoting overall well-being. Tub-to shower conversions are popular with stationary or folding benches. Modern grab bars are both stylish and functional as integrated towel bars, paper holders, and shampoo shelves that blend well with the design.

Transform your dream bathroom into a spacious or zen spa retreat, a modern beach house, a serenity in white style, or a Cloud 9/Penthouse style. Or go eco-friendly.

Feel luxurious with the marble effect. Go minimalist with cool concrete, hidden drains, or  sleek with a single hanging bulb. Colorize the tiles and give them various textures. Darken the hardware. Be non-traditional in shapes, sizes, and patterns for your mirror. Incorporate natural light, or go natural with plants, an indoor garden, or a biophillic. Think smart with pedestal sinks in powder rooms. Focalize artwork. Be modern with tankless toilets, free-standing tubs, or expose your pipes. Get into the zen mode with mix-and-match, spa-inspired elements like neutral colors, natural materials, and minimal aesthetics. Let us know if you need help with your next home reno project in Ottawa.

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